Completely new to CNC, classic or the M2?

I’m ready to pull the trigger but…have been reading for what seemed like days worth of CNC products out there. I’m not new to woodworking; I have a jointer & planer, along with other common woodworking machines but been exploring the CNC option to make things with more efficiency and cut accuracy.

With that said, is the M2’s improved design worth the extra cost? Or stick with the classic with Z-axis control? I do like that that M2 can use a smaller router and seems beefier overall but can’t seem to find any information that would justify me spending $899 with a discount code.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Another option to consider: @Metalmaslow was running a special if you made a video. you get the better z axis with a classic system.

Thank you. I messaged him earlier as I’m leaning towards spending less at this point.

Another option is EastBaySource.
I cannot speak to differences in quality as I’m still building my Maslow. I would just have a good look at the specs of all the kits and decide which feels like the best value for you.

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Our current kit is $580 +$20 for S&H and we have $100 off if you do some youtube videos, so can be as low as $480. That kit comes with makita 701c palm router and z dedicated z axis, longer chains TLE5206 motor control board. Best value out there IMHO. I didn’t’ see a message from you, email is probably best way to reach us. has our contact info.


Thanks! Will likely buy it sometime this week :slight_smile:

I recently upgraded to the M2. I’m much happier.
Every improvement MakerMade made corresponded to something that really bothered me about the original Maslow CNC.
In particular the new Z-axis is vastly superior to the old one, which was truly imprecise and finicky.
Then there were the old bungee cords that didn’t tension the chain slack enough, so you had to watch the machine like a hawk, and be ready to manage loose chains to prevent tangles.
(I can’t vouch for the new spring yet because my machine is an odd size and the spring is designed for a 10 foot beam.).
Finally, the new mount-on-the-wall scheme takes less shop space than the free-standing frame and takes much less time to build.
Good luck and enjoy!

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FWIW, I’m still researching. But I thought I would share part of my experience in hopes that it is helpful.

I would recommend that you be more descriptive on this kit. I saw “metal maslow” and completely glossed over it thinking, “I’m not interested in metalwork”. It never occurred to me that it was just a different version. And from the description (“Maslow + Metal Sled, Cbeam Z axis, Arduino enclosure & more.”) it isn’t obvious that a router is included

At $600, including shipping and router, this is very attractive package.