Is there an exposed API in GC to interact with the messages/prompts?

I’d like to be able to interface GC to IFTTT. In this way I could use a tablet or my phone to control the process. I really like the idea of doing this via text messages.

The better approach is to take advantage of the fact that the firmware accepts
GRBL compatible messages and just find a tool to talk to the firmware directly
and not involve GC in the middle of the conversation.

There are a lot of tools out there to let you use your phone/tablet to control
GRBL machines.

You only need to use GC to do the calibration, once that’s stored in eprom on
the arduino, you shouldn’t need GC any more.

If this isn’t the case, we need to fix it.

Well I’m waiting on my “starter Bit today” . I’ll know more about how things go when I really start using the system. I do have a Z axis, but I was refering the the messages for changing the depth for non Z axis users. I try to be near my machine but it doesn’t mean I don’t get distracted, and as my phone is my major communication device anyway and most likely the device distracting me, this whee I went.


The latency of text messages seems like a bad thing when controlling machinery…
Maybe your experience is different, I routinely get the shopping list add-on text after I’ve returned home :slight_smile:

I have some Cellphone Dev boards and my delay is maybe 1 -2 seconds. I have a Electron Kit I’ve not used yet - it’s on G2 so it may be slower. I will have to do a little research on this based on region.


One other use I could implement is my Lifix color wifi bulbs, could change color to indicate attention needed. IFTTT opens up lots of possibilities.


I use an iPad to control my Cartesian router using chilipeppr- it has a grbl workspace: ChiliPeppr - Hardware Fiddle

I’ve not used my phone, but there is a tablet workspace for the TinyG - a fork to grbl should be simple : ChiliPeppr - Hardware Fiddle