Is there something like an 'image search' for the forum?

It would be cool if there was a simple way to search images build into discourse.

Sometimes i remember an image or CAD drawing, but can’t find it back.
And without the image it’s difficult to explain certain things.

For instance image search for Sled of Gero. and then all post where Gero posted an image and mentioned the sled get listed.

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I theroy you could do this - Via RSS you would copy everything coming in to Evernote. For this you would need a premium account but once you have graphic images in Evernote premium it translates them. If I have a screen capture of a list of files. I can search for Comctrl.dll and it will return the note with the screen capture and the DLL name highlighted.

Thank you


Thats a clever solution, but i was hoping for something that everyone can use right away.

I’m not in the discourse community but if someone could forward this question to them i think it could benefit all discourse users in general. (not just me or us)
It should not be a feature but a default :smiley:

I like this idea too. I was thinking if there were a repository of the posted images that could be sifted through which would link back to their posts. As it turns out there is… Google image search!
All images on the forums

Google also allows image searches of a particular site with syntax like this: circle — (Link to example)
in the image search page


If you look at this page I think most of us (including me) should get used to start tagging our posts.

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I have tried to use tags before and it is not intuitive. I was not able to add any tags to my posts :frowning: perhaps I should revisit

I tried to tag ‘search’ on this post and did. Can you edit topics? The search field to the right of categories should allow to type and add. This might be restricted by rights, but if so should be lifted if possible.

Edit: Sadly there seems to no options to tag your post in a topic. :roll_eyes:

It appears I do not have the right to edit topics. or at least I don’t see any way to add a tag to this topic. The search icon only gives me searching options, none to add anything.

So tagging is restricted, that is sad and explains kind of why we don’t have more tags.
FYI, I have a pencil to the right of the topic and can change the headline at will.

Within that dialogue there is a search field to the right of categories where I can tag. Not intuitive as you said.

isn’t there a section in the search to “Only return topics with…”? I think there’s either an " upload" or “images” checkbox there? (I’m working from memory here; and might be confusing forum engies…)

Yes, only posts that include an image is an option. Unfortunately that does not show the images, just the text of the posts. If you are looking for a specific image that you remember, for now it looks like Google image search is the only route available

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I agree, but i also agree with @KeithThe tagging system is indeed a bit odd.
For some reason tags seem not to stick.

And it’s easy to overlook.

Can we add tags to older posts that matter? (i’ll give it a try)

I added the tags discourse and wishlist.
I hope that will work as a kind of feedback to the discourse people.

I love that google image search solution! Very cool!


it also works with the duck, but not as extensive as googles sniffer did. :slight_smile:

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Ah, okay. Well, I was going to suggest a custom Google Images search but you beat me to it!

Still it would be cool if discourse had this option itself so that not only the people ‘in the know’ have this, but just everyone on the forum has the option at the finger tips.

Mainly because pictures can tell a 1000 words and that pictures can get you to a similar issue in a different way then words.