Polling is open for PotW

I don’t intend on doing this every week, but since the Project of the Week poll is a new thing, I’m going to post this new topic to announce that the users poll for PotW has been posted at Project of the Week for Feb 20, 2018. Vote!

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Is there a Tag that can be added to posts that introduce a new project? Sometimes people post projects in threads of other projects, and it would be nice to have a way to just search out posts that introduce a project (pictures and descriptions) without having to wade through followup questions and congratulations for previous projects in a thread. Also, it would make it easier to review weekly projects to determine a POTW.

I have not been able to add any new tags, so perhaps someone with more admin power could establish one?


Explanation of how tags work in Discourse are surprisingly hard to find. It may be that tags can only be associated with threads, not individual posts. However, I’m working on a hypothesis that if you include #NewProject in a post, that will tag it.

Doesn’t look like that worked.


The trust level for creating a tag was set to 3, which surprisingly few users have.

I reset it to 2 and I’ll see what I can figure out.


Okay it’s working now.

When you create a new topic, you can add tags to the right of the category drop-down (it says “optional tags”.)


If you start typing in there, you’ll see the tags that have already been created (newproject is one of them now)

so, it sounds like there’s no way to tag just a post?

Replies to topics can’t be tagged.

Only topics themselves can be tagged although the author of a topic can edit the topic and add tags after the fact.

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