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Is this possible


Windows running 1.17 FW and GC.


Maslow, out of the BOX is not well suited for 3D reliefs.
The Z axis is Not Accurate or Fast enough.
With a modified Z axis that has a higher Feed rate, 3 axis reliefs can be made, as long as the Sled will still Sit Flat on the Entire Size of the Work Piece.

Helical is NOT supported by the Standard Ground Control. X, Y circular while Z axis Drops or Raises.
But 3 Axis Linear is, All 3 Axis can Change Position simultaneously.
But you Need a Programming System to Generate the 3D moves.
to Do 3D, you Need a Faster Z axis.

Maslow is better suited for 2.5 D
2.5 D is Different…
Position Z to a Single Depth, then move Just X and Y at that Depth.
then Step Z a bit Lower and Repeat…

Also, the Home Depot router is too Fast of a Spindle.
10,000 rpm is too Fast for the 32 IPM feed rates.
And Z axis is Limited to about 2.5 IPM ffed rate.

If you Open up the Router you can Adjust the Low Limit Down to about 8,000 rpm, But Ideally, you want it down to about 4,000 RPM.
because it Digital speed control, you can’t use an Add on Speed Controller…
Maybe a Single Edge 1/8" Carbide Bit at 8,000 rpm…
But you will still be Limited by the 2.5 IPM on Z axis.

The Community needs to work on getting X, Y, and Z up to 80 ipm or 100 ipm.

I’ve got some test in the works, But the Servo Control doesn’t supply enough Current
to Just Change the Gears from 10 teeth to 25 teeth.
Plus there is a Plastic Gear in the Gear box, that Probably won’t support the Added Torque load.

Sorry I got off on a Tangent here…


No love the input


In stock form NO…you need the ability to control Z depth cuts, otherwise it’s just 2 dimensional cutting
With the mod for the carriage it would be possible because then you can set depth of cuts and it could then create contours