Issue with calibration step

Hi, I got my Maslow kit a few days ago and am in the middle of calibrating it. One of the steps says to extend the left and right chains to a known length, but it does not say what that length is. do they just have to be the same length, or is there a specific length necessary.

Any help is appreciated,

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If you are using the automated calibration procedure the software will feed out the correct amount of chain. If I remember correctly this is after you select the chain direction. Just an FYI some of us have ad trouble with the motor moving the wrong direction for this step. My left motor would turn CW when it should have been turning CCW.


If you have not done it yet, go through the calibration again and follow the pictures and tell it to extend one side and then the other. It should give a 5 second count down so you can get over to it and make sure that it does not wrap around the sprocket since at the start it has a tendency to want to do that. It should automatically let out a set distance. You can then tell it to go to center and continue to the next step which should be to mount the sled and then define Z axis zero (if you have one)

Hope this helps.