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Issues Installing Ground Control on Mac Book Pro

Installing Ground Control Binary

I have been trying to install ground control on my Mac Book Pro with no success yet.

The details of my Mac Book Pro are as follows

I opted for the binary install hoping this would be a simple route but not to be. Currently I cannot install Ground Control

I downloaded the following Installer.

I copied the installer into the Applications folder. Initially I could not open the file as it was from an unidentified developer and not downloaded from the app store so I had to go through the procedure of Opening an app from an unidentified developer.

This allowed me to get the following dialog up with the disk image installer on my desktop.

It is unclear what to do next. Is it necessary to run the make sym links?
Do you need to do this step before dragging the Maslow Ground Control onto the Applications Folder??


@stuartri, sorry this is giving trouble.
The download file groundcontrol.98.dmg is a disk image containing the application and other files to help install it. It doesn’t need to be in your Applications folder. I usually leave it in the folder it downloaded to, and open it from there.
Once it’s open, drag the icon ‘groundcontrol’ onto the icon ‘Applications’ to copy the app from the disk image to the location typically used for apps on a Mac.
Then open the Applications folder and try running groundcontrol (you’ll probably need to use the same procedure about opening an app from an unknown developer).
Having done all that, if groundcontrol refuses to run, this first time, you may need to run MakeSymLinks. It will ask you to provide your password, and will check that links to python are in the expected locations. MakeSymLinks should only be needed the first time you download groundcontrol. In future you’ll just drag the groundcontrol app to the Applications folder to update it.
Hope this helps, let us know how it comes out :slight_smile: .

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What version of OS X are you on?


Here are a list of Articles on mac security:

Depending on your version of the OS it is best to put the apps in the Applications folder. As they moved forward the Applications folder has become special to the OS and how it launches things. Increasingly moving forward executing outside will probably require more and more steps.

You will probably need to treat the installer and the program as coming form a unregistered developer. I’m sort of a bad test case as I’ve run CLI commands to minimize the OS interfering with me.

You do not need to do anything other than drag the Maslow Icon into applications at the point. Once it’s in applications you can run it form there or drag the icon from applications into your launch bar. This would handle making a link for you in the background of OS X.

Thank you

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Thanks for that Blurf and Bee. With a combination of both your suggestions I have now successfully installed Ground Control. I will still need to confirm correct operation when I setup the hardware today.

The Mac OS installation instructions in the wiki should be updated to ensure others don’t have the same issues as they stop a little too short.

The procedure that finally got me going is as follows

  1. From the downloads folder Ctrl-Click on the .dmg file, right click and open.

If you receive a warming message noting the application is from an unidentified developer go to Apple Menu -> System Preferences and click Security & Privacy then the General Tab. Then select the “Open Anyway” Button then repeat the step 1.

  1. When the Installer Dialog opens Click and hold on the groundcontrol icon and drag to the applications folder

  2. Verify step 2 has been successful by clicking on the launchpad icon and check if the maslow icon appears. If so all good. If not double click on the MakeSymLinks Icon

I have updated the Maslow CNC Survival Guide I am working on to reflect this for the Mac OS installation

Kind Regards Stuart


Where do I get this survival guide ?? I have a Mac and cannot get anything to download correctly. Arduino gets stuck and won’t complete download and makerverse 1.1.2 no longer recognizes my board. I’m struggling and really need help. It’s been a week and I haven’t been able to make the first cut with the machine. :rofl: send help please