Issues with maslow Calibration tabs (M2)

Hi there, I’ve been having issues getting my maslow M2 calibrated. From what I can tell I’m missing the entire “Stock” tab from makerverse calibration. I updated to a beta branch just to see if it would show up.

Any Ideas?

enable the beta option and update to 1.x.5 or at least 1.x.3. (i forget if the numbering is 1.0 or 1.1)

I’m currently on Makerverse v1.1.5 [prerelease] #316.

if the tabs aren’t showing up, your controller isn’t identifying itself correctly. sometimes the EEPROM gets corrupted and when makerverse sense the $$ command to identify, it sends back garbage at first and makerverse doesn’t know that it is a maslow, so it doesn’t show you the menu. do you see weird characters in the terminal when it first starts up?

this is the output of the terminal after connecting and doing a sleep reset