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Just got the M2 upgrade kit and I'm lost

The only documentation that came with it was the frame assembly and seeing as it’s an upgrade kit, I’ve already got a working Maslow with an assembled frame. CNCjs is on the USB drive but I can’t find anywhere in the program to calibrate anything and I’m having trouble finding anywhere to download makerverse. Or are they the same thing? I’m not sure which port is which for the XY and Z motors on the new computer. If I could get it to move I’m sure I could figure it out with trial and error but I figured I’d ask while I’m already asking dumb questions. I feel like there should at least be a video or something. I looked on YouTube, I searched M2 upgrade on here. I’ve skimmed though both groups on Facebook. It’s not like I’m not looking but I feel like I’m missing something obvious. Thanks.

A video is here calibrate your M2 using Makerverse 1.0.6
Makerverse ->

Kind regards, Gero

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Thank you so much! Ive downloaded the zip file but i cant seem to figure out how to start the program from there. I cant seem to open the read me file either. Im not sure why I’m having such a hard time with this. I appreciate the help.

you need to unzip the file before you can run it typically.

this is what i get when i unzip the file for 1.0.6, i dont see anywhere i can run a file from.

I just tried downloading the newest version and i can connect to my M2 but I dont see the calibration anywhere like it is in the video posted above.

I found 1.0.6 and got it to open and start the calibration, but where is it on 1.0.10?

scroll down on the left side or close each of the widges with the ^. when closed, the carrot will turn so it points down and the widget will fold up. Look for and click on the bullseye

or on the maslow bar here:

if maslow doesn’t show up, click into the text window and type $I and if it is there it should pick it up. Otherwise it may have the wrong communication speed set and you will need to make sure it is 38400 for the Due or 57600 for the mega or you have the wrong serial port.

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