Issues with the right motor

I just finished my first project, the machine was running for about 6 hours total.
The left motor spits out black powder. its not coming from the chain or sprocket.
Its still running fine.
Did someone have a similar problem?



I haven’t seen anything like that before. That certainly doesn’t look like normal behavior.

Can you tell where on the motor it is coming from? I could imagine a graphite lubricant looking like that, but the motors contain a silicone grease.

I know you say that it is still working normally, but I would be more than happy to send you a new one.


Correction: it’s the left motor (probably doesn’t matter)

Its non ferrous and its not graphite, but its coming from the gearbox. Could it be a o-ring? Is the gearbox serviceable?

Thanks for the offer to send me a new one, I might take you up on this.

Thank You


The gearbox is serviceable. The four screws in the front will let you get in there to take a look.

There’s a lot of small parts in there and it’s not 100% clear how they go together so it might be worth waiting until the new motor arrives before taking it apart.

If you send your address to I’ll get a new motor sent out to you right away.

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