Just Because it is Friday, I’d like to say Thank You and will share a personal former secret!

Just Because it is Friday, I’d like to say Thank You and will share a personal former secret!

Never I would have imagined that joining a community, moving a power tool on chains, would mean to me what the Maslow is returning.

The old and new Forums are beating all statistics on when a post becomes useless (was that after 30 replies?), with a Group that is so respectful, polite and open (defeating all borders of race, origin, religion, colour, education, etc.).

I have joined at a time where I thought that this is the bottom, but Murphy’s Law turned out to be true and it got worse. I would like you to know, that it is this Group giving me the retreat in the morning and evening, that I need to pull through. How you all are able to inject the static support into my spine with Git and the Forum, I don’t know, but I can feel it. Surprisingly I can still walk straight with my head up. The Bahrain Kit will never be put up for sale.

That older Maslowians do not feel privileged by the head start, but face the challenge of “There is no thing like a stupid question!” is what impresses me the most. Impressive Members!
I feel privileged to be accepted.

In peace with my self and not worried about the day I will go to Valhöll or send my energy to the universe, to spend parts of the remaining time with you became a big thing for me.

Oh yes, the former secret… (well, once it is shared it is not a secret anymore, is it?)
Here it is:
How do you know that you are still alive with the age of 54?
It is easy! You take a picture of yourself with a wig, looking like a moron, post it to a forum that you can trust not to make it viral and not feeling embarrassed at all. A Group I love to call Friends.

Just Because it is Friday!
Vulcan greetings from the German in Bahrain, Gero


The Gene Simmons shirt makes that photo, Gero. (Has anyone told you that you look a little like Benny Hill?)


We’re lucky to have you and members like you who dedicate the time and energy here at these forums. I’ve served as admin at quite a few forums and this one, though small, is the most productive and positive experience I’ve ever had. It feels less like a scattered common-interest group and more like a workplace here (in a good way) with colleagues all working towards a common end.

In the spirit of sharing a bit more of our personal selves, like Gero has, here’s a picture of me with a Sharpie up my nose, eating a calculator.


This is a part of the reason I love being a member of this forum. The best part about the Maslow is not the machine itself, but the community! You guys are all awesome and I can’t wait to see where this project takes all of us! I honestly feel like I could grab a beer with anyone here :wink: (Next time I’m in Bahrain?)

I can get behind silly photo Friday! Here’s me knocking holes in a friend’s wall:


Taking a break with my devoted following.


I say it all the time, but only because it is so true, we have the absolute coolest, most kind, most helpful, and most downright fantastic community in the world. At the very beginning I was so worried that the idea of Maslow wouldn’t go anywhere. I believed so strongly it was possible to build a really cheap large format CNC, but I needed other people to believe in the idea, and you guys came through three thousand percent. If I had found even one of the amazing people in this forum I would consider myself lucky. To have found all of you is beyond what I can express. It feels so good to know that there are people around the world pushing the Maslow idea forward. Thank you!

In lieu of a silly photo I’ll just re-post this raw version of the defining terms video I posted accidently last winter. It got 32 views and two thumbs ups in the 30 seconds it took for me to realize my mistake and take it down. It starts with me tripping, and there’s some profanity in there so be warned :grimacing:

Happy Friday everyone!


Not quite on board with the idea of up-spiral… Got the silly hat thing going, though!
Trying to grasp the idea of up-spiral


You ROCK Bar! x*^& :slight_smile:

As for me I’m camera shy today. Maybe next week. I’m having a really bad hair day. One side of my head is sticking out while the opposite side is straight down, it looks like I’m standing in a stiff wind indoors, Sigh. At least it’s friday.


OK - I found a silly pic to share. Not todays picture. Enjoy!


Great post Gero, and thread everyone. I haven’t been around much, my Maslow is still on GC .77 as I’ve been tackling other projects at the moment. I’m loosely following along here still, and am excited to get back to cutting in the coming months. This community has grown into something truly special Gero, I agree, and I’m so glad to be a part of it. Great job, everyone, and more importantly, thank you all.

In honor of the moment, here’s me making a funny face and wrecking a photo at a recent family gathering.IMG_5016s


WOW! What a fantastic response! Love the pictures and the Directors Cut video with Bar. It is so natural.
Thanks! If your ever in Bahrain, or the more famous Dubai, give me notice. The first beer is on me.


Due to biometrical metadata issues I can’t bring myself to take a picture of my personal data.

Maybe when privacy is more respected again internationally that I can change my mind. :slight_smile:
Is this the best excuse to not having to post a silly picture??

Like you Gero i’m impressed by the open and patient replies on even the most basic questions her on the forum.
I never could have guessed that i would be reading so much here on the forum without even having a machine. :slight_smile: It’s the joy of sharing wild idea’s and seeing how tiny details of the wild shit evolve into a more mature machine.

Thanks to the entire Maslow forum member crew for the respect and highly educational feedback.

I wanted to build a Maslow plotter out of printer parts, but i’m now trying to figure out how to fit a (almost) full size Maslow in my little toolshed (300 x 220 x 250) :slight_smile: This machine just fit’s my personal philosopy of basic and simple, eventhough I throw every brainwave at it that sends me on a journey of complicated shit, only to arrive back at the basics that where already there. Still this helps SO MUCH to understand better why the machine is how it is and why most simple solution comes out on top…

The human aspect of machining.

Drillpress, Lathe, Sewing machine are all reasonably simple machines that made it into many peoples homes. In an age where everyone has a stupid smartphone, it makes a lot of sense to have simple CNC machines that help us to save time while being able to build ultra cool shit.

… Live long and prosper everyone.


@vertex - You’re appreciated. I’m glad to have and continue exchanging ideas with you and all the other fine folks here who are Positive motivated. I have had to participate in other communities where it is upside down of this model, where it’s mostly Negative and a handful of dedicated folks trying to demonstrate why the product is good. This is a special place next to the digital campfire. I picture binary vertical streams of 1’s and zeros flickering upwards like flames.