I'd like to say thank you

For the last year, I’ve been able to do a lot more than I ever thought possible, largely part to being able to afford, build and drive my own CNC machine.

I would like to openly thank you all - the Maslow community for this. Everything from @Dag83 Bosch 1200 conversion guide, to @Orob recent nOOb guide, has helped me.

Most of all @bar @hannah and @dlang - for making this all happen and the continued investment of your time and passion is amazing! Thank you

Doing good things with good people, that what it’s all about.

So thank you all. The community, the makers, the good people (GCs).


Thank YOU!

I can only speak for my self, but I absolutely love being here. I’m excited about what we’ve all built and I am excited to see it keep getting better and better!


@peteinakl when we all contribute because what we needed wasn’t quite available, someone will hopefully benefit. I am really glad you have found value in the efforts of the community and in my small addition that was essentially a grouping of many things already posted and available, but often hard to find. I appreciate that you took time to acknowledge some of those contributors and there are many more that could and probably should be named. While this forum isn’t always positive (I’ve been labeled the “oracle of negativity,”), by far the majority of people seeking help and those offering it are doing so in a civil manner with the hope of a successful outcome and the result is a very useful and effective user base and knowledge repository. I will echo your thanks to the community for the help I have received even when I have asked the most basic and seemingly non-intelligent questions. Thank you for taking time to express your gratitude.