Is this a bogus forum copy?

While web searching I found a copy of this site that doesn’t quite look right or complete

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cool. looks like people were posting on it in January. It was made like 2 years ago. I wonder why.

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one of those people is you. at least someone calling themselves orob anyway.

yeah, I just signed up just a minute ago to help “direct traffic.” the wiki posts are direct copies of the ones I wrote in our wiki.

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ahhh, pretty sneaky!

SEO prefers linkbacks, so this could be very helpful for this forum…

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waiting to see if it get deleted

It seems to be very supportive of eastbay and about the time the alternate TB board came out is about when this board went up. Makermade has their own hosted forum and facebook crowd, this is the user forum and if eastbay had their own crowd it kind of makes sense, but I’m not sure why they would just lift the posts directly without at least giving credit. Open source stuff is free and you can change and modify but politeness says you at least state your reference. I expect I’ll get booted, but I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true and I actually answered a couple questions.

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Interesting find.

@bar , any thoughts?

Maybe some Rebel Maslowian scum trying to overthrow the Old Maslowian Republic…and failed.

Woah, that is interesting :smiley: I had no idea.

Hosting the forums isn’t free so someone is spending money on that, but I have no idea why. It doesn’t really bother me though and there’s not much we can do about it right?

at worst it is an “unsanctioned” copy, but this is a public forum. Is the content copyrighted? I think a copy is fine, but it is incomplete and a few users are reposting verbatim as their original posts, so it seems a little off. Maybe it is a hedge for if this site goes down. At best, it is a backup.

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Its an open source project. Any and all work associated with it is covered under the GPL.
In theory, all workflow put into and derived from it is freely available to everyone to modify, produce or base their own derivative works on.

Unless they are being explicitly harmful or libelous then no, I don’t think there is anything you can (or should) do about it. However, I’m not a lawyer so what do I know :wink:

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apparently the bogus copy is alive and well. All the linkbacks I posted have been edited and the posts are locked

and the replies were they would give me credit for my posts if my ego required it. I don’t care. I feel bad the community has fractured and that seems to be the course that most if not all open source projects take. People get upset about whatever… alleged copied designs or lack of credit or future direction and they fork it and go their own way. This looks like Eastbaysource’s new support site. One post told me that groundcontrol2022 was a complete ground-up rewrite and not a patch of groundcontrol. I looked at the github repo and it is the same code base, but it is a github creation, not a fork of the original, so there is no trace back to the original maslow.

I’ll leave it alone. I guess the sincerest form of flattery is to copy, so it is what it is.

The community is fractured.

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it might be fair to call that forum the “purists” who simply want to not deal with the complexities of webcontrol. They claim the new groundcontrol is 45% faster than the old version and there is one specific claiming of 1 mm accuracy on GC and WC-holey could only do 3.5 mm. Interesting. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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None more so than I. Sorry @bar.

If they have a better calibration routine, we want to know about it. I’m
interested in what their process to measure accuracy is.

I can easily believe that the new version is faster.

David Lang

I just did a dif of groundcontrol and groundcontrol2022 and it was like 204 things though it may have been 204 files. Lots of capital letters changed and some pretty pics and things, but not structurally that different. To be fair though, my comparison was like 5 minutes, not a full dig. I will say the new setup looks a functions nicely, so they did it right and I’d have to say if I were starting out, I’d rather start out with WC2022 now because it would be easy and just work. I think the key point they push is that this needs to be a working man’s machine that just does the job rather than require an IT department to run it. I think I’ve helped turn this into a hackers’ platform rather than a production piece of equipment. If we could put out a bug-free webcontrol, this wouldn’t be an issue, but that is a dream right now.

I was a little put off when I saw that several of wiki posts that I spent a lot of time writing were just lifted and posted by someone else as if they had written them, so I didn’t get a very warm welcome there when I pointed that out and most of that is my fault because I wasn’t nice. They claim their forum is the “fallback” for when the “lease runs out” (my terminology, not theirs) on this one. Given the amount of activity we have on a given week around here, traffic has really fallen off lately. By going to webcontrol, we isolated eastbay. By not going to makerverse, we isolated makermade, so they now have their own forums and we are left as a dying forum with no manufacturer selling kits to bring in new users. So this could be a problem or an opportunity. Anybody want to go into business or do a kickstarter (just kidding… )?

I argue that this being the hacking forum has always been the case. I don’t think that this was ever intended to be a for profit enterprise. The initial kits were sold as a means to seed the hardware into the community. Once that function was taken up by the vendors, it kinda makes sense that they became isolated. Although, I feel as though that’s kinda how they wanted it anyway.

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The forum links from Eastbay Source’s website lead back here. Who knows how the website popped up. However, accusations may create a rift that doesn’t yet exist.

Who knows, maybe someone thought a new site would be less confusing with more current information. We have thousands of posts which aren’t even relevant anymore because the system has progressed.

This is bound to happen in any community (especially open source) and should not be a shock. Sure, one may feel slighted by having their material reposted; from a different perspective, that input was so important to the community that it lives on in it’s offshoots. Your Maslow legacy lives on.

We should continue to embrace all the “cities” within “Maslow Nation.” Some are different but all bring value. This site still holds the abundance of information and has the most interaction among Maslowians.

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