Just wanted to share some of the features of my frame

I built the full size frame using the 8 ft by 10 ft lumber

I put fold out steps so I can reach the top two anchor points.

I made some knurled handles for 3/8 nuts to be able to put the anchor points on easier than the wing nuts. I also put nails in the frame to hold the nuts near where I need to set them for easy access

I built a reinforced vacuum adapter for the rigid inch and 7/8 hose

I put a hanger with a chain that hangs out of the way and allows me to put the top two straps on without holding the Maslow sled up

I put a 20 ft cord rated for 20 amps on it with a 20 amp switch and two 15 amp outlets to plug in the router and sled behind the board and the vacuum off to the side, I added two hooks to hold the cord and made some cable tie mounts

I made a plaque for switch identification and the size of the frame so I didn’t have to remember that

My spoil board is just 7/16 OSB two sheets stacked on top of each other was a lot cheaper than plywood, and I can easily replace just the top board if necessary I hope to go easy on it.



Love the little fold out steps. So going to steal that idea.


Love the step and the signs. Will have to copy those. Did you have any racking problem with the frame? If so did the bracing you have fix it?

I just added those extra two braces to help hold the OSB wood flat if that is what you mean.

The frame can still lay flat on the floor if needed. Though the bolt heads stick out, might be another opportunity to make a bunch of little pads.

Yesterday I had the itch to make some mounts for the attachments that come with the vacuum and have them store within the frame.

I’m just waiting on materials and router bits to really get going with this.


If you add a second chain/hook to that hanger, you could hook both linear rod supports and have it hang in an orientation that makes extending belts and putting them on the anchors much easier.

I built a ‘claw’ that does this same thing. It’s made things much less annoying.