Frame additions

Nothing special but I just wanted to show some extras I did to my frame. You can see I added two more 2x4 braces on the ends to help support the overlap of the plywood sheets. And then I added extension pieces so that when the Maslow Cuts all the way to the edge of the board it has something to rest on so it doesn’t tilt over. I also just added a simple screw up top and use a bungee cord to hang the Maslow in place while I extend the belts and attach them.


I’ve been thinking about how to tackle the issue of sled tilting on the edges of the workpiece. This is a great solution - I think I’ll be implementing something similar soon!

I went with chain for the Maslow cradle on mine but bungee is probably softer on the machine. Chains, D shackle and a lag/eye bolt in the concrete to keep the frame from slipping. Also a very quick solution to keep my vacuum hose over the top of the Maslow - I think I might have to give a bit more slack when I make it to cutting full sheets though.

Best addition I found is a simple nail next to the corner bolts to hang my wingnuts on!
It’s a back saver for sure.

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I’m curious if over time the bolt threads cut into the cable end. Would a boba straw fit over the bolt to act as a bushing?

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Nice frame!

What are the dimensions for the whole frame?