My Neighbors Love my Maslow

I got the first one made and now I’m on to finishing the rest of the neighbors in my cul-de-sac.


That looks great. What bit and depth of cut did you use for the design?

.2 inches with a 90 degree v-bit. I used Inkscape to create text, image, and the svg and then makercam to convert to gcode.


Beautiful! I have to make a sign for my mom this weekend (before I see her after Christmas). How did you go about finishing it (i.e., getting the cut portion black and the rest stained).

cut everything out then use black spray paint over entire face of letters. then just sand it down with a belt sander. i started with 40 grit on the belt sander, then 60, 80, and a final of 120 grit with a palm sander.

Then stain it and a final coat of clear on the top of it.

I’ll take more pictures of the next ones I do for each step.


Ah, that’d work. Thanks!

That is truly astounding! Great work!

Very well done. What wood is that? That’s not plywood is it? What are the outside dimensions? Once the word gets out how well your Maslow works with your craftsmanship and you’ll be booked doing other people’s projects… :slight_smile:

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That one is just a 2x12 from the scrap pile at the construction houses next to me. OD is 11x20

The first step i did was to cut out the text/images/etc. I’m using 3/4 in. shelving here, but whatever scrap you use is fine. I am using a 90 degree vbit and this was a little too deep. somewhere in the neighborhood of 2mm is a good depth from what i’ve found. play with lettering on some scrap or a corner to get what you like the best.


Then use some spray paint to spray in the cnc’d parts you just cut.

after it dries, sand off level with the surface.

Then you can stain and clear coat. I just went straight to clear coat because this was a little deeper than i wanted to cut, so I am going to cut another one. I kinda like this look too.

I’m just using stock, no frills setup. stock example frame, No triangulation linkage, 80 in/min feed rate. stock plywood router base.