What did you cut today?


This forum has continually inspired me by sharing what they are making with their machines. I figured not everyone can keep up with @ScrumdyBum to justify there own post at times so i might be nice to have a place to upload what you cut today.

Please include a picture of your work, material cut, bit, and software used.


Here is a headboard I cut for my 5 yo niece.

Just the run of the mill pine, 1/8 straight cut, created on Easel. Ended up inlay with some colored grout.



This weekend was busy.

Put some paint on the pedal car.

I cut the roof kerf test for my Pedal car (still will need some tweaking).

Cut a bi-plane pattern for a friend to build (I already have one).

My Bi-plane (hand made while living in Dubai).


Just finished up a busy box for my son.

I thought I had my Maslow running well but this project showed me I have some accuracy issues.


Yeah, finger joints are a sure way to find out your stackup tolerances are off. I totally understand. Love this project though.

What a cutey!!! Love the project

Thanks guys. He seems to love it too! Makes me feel good to make him something, so win win I guess.

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After sort of figuring out our Z-Axis problems, I TEST cut this sign for a wedding present. This is the “rough” cut, that’s why the word “The” isn’t cut nor is the sign outline yet. This is my first experience with Easel multiple bits, I’m not sure why it left the sign outline to be cut with a 1/16" instead of the 1/8" that did all this so far. For scale it’s about 33" long by 10" tall. The photo of the Easel preview isn’t completely accurate since I changed some things after taking it.


A “downcut” bit will help with that tear out. I like the script design personally.


This was the finished test cut, not sure why it didn’t go all the way through on the outline or apparently add the tabs. I’m also unsure why it cut the outline with the 1/16" bit on the “detail” run…Easel I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Next time I may make it separate files without trying the Easel bit change and just change bits between files, with what I want each to cut in them.

I’m going to cut it the final out of walnut and then fill the letters with white epoxy, I’m terrified of screwing it up though!


Regarding fear, when cutting the walnut, I understand why. Not an inexpensive material. I use Easel, and have not had any problems with the depth and tabs. Just be sure that the material is flat, and that the router’s Z axis is moving freely. cleaning the sleeve and router, and applying a silicone spray really helps. And don’t forget to attanch the small bungee or rubber bands to the top of the router to provided a constant downward pressure on the Z axis linkage… a lotta slop in that thing.

Perhaps cut the letters first before cutting the parimeter… That way if something goes wrong, you can flip it over and give the letters another go.

Look forward to seeing the finished product!


I cut this wall art for the wife out of a sheet of birch. I broke 3 harbor freight 1/8th inch bits before I found a Freud at home depot. The first attempt was 90 % complete when the mechanical fuse on the Ridgid gave out and the bit plunged all the way through the material. It cut a large chunk right out of the middle (no recovering from that). My down force bungee was out of calibration. Second run was a charm.


Forgot to add info:
Freud 1/8" straight cut
Inkscape to makercam


This elephant looks great! How large is it and how deep did you carve it?

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that is a full sheet in the picture the carving is approx 4’ x 3’. I went 1/4" deep.


4-H Clover cut out. Still need to clean it up.


That is beautiful. Could you send me the svg for the elephant head? Please

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Sure, it will probably br Friday before i can get to it.

That is totally fine. Thank you very much.