Kiri Moto maybe units issue

Sorry if this is a repeat question.

I’m trying to use kiri moto through onshape to generate the gcode needed and the first problem im running into is with the clearance. The maslow will start to cut the first shape but will not lift the tool enough to clear the work piece before moving onto the next area to cut. It just cuts through the piece on the way to the next cut. I tried changing the z clearance in kiri moto from 1 to 5 but then the z axis pulled the router out to like 65 in which is way past its travel and that changed the zero on the machine.

I think the issue im having is somehow related to the units but i can’t figure out what the deal is. Plus i got pissed and had to walk away. My work piece is scaled in inches and but i set the machine work space in metric and changed the feed rates to metric as well. I still have the tool size set in standard.