Kreg Jig and Maslow

I’m just curious, have any of you used a Kreg Jig (pocket screw system) to help assemble things cut with Maslow. It seems like a match made in heaven, right?


I haven’t, but that does seem like a match made in heaven, if you do it post pictures and let us know how it goes!

Pocket hole screws and Titebond II will build most anything.

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pocket hole jigs don’t even exist in europe, i don’t know why, but there are things that just can’t cross the ocean appearantly, like pocket hole jigs or dado stacks.

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Amazon UK has Kreg, Woodcraft, and other brands of pocket hole jigs

ok then, but i’ve never seen one, or heard of someone using one except on the internet. They do seem usefull though, and i have drilled screws diagonally into wood before, just haven’t used a jig for it.

I have a cheap two holer I picked up somewhere at least 30 years ago that helps getting the angle right. The only real Kreg I’ve seen outside a store is in our local high school shop (open to adults one night a week!). It’s pretty handy with the built-in alignment and clamping, used it quite a lot. Much easier and quicker to align and clamp than mine, but much spendier too.

I have used it a lot. It’s really good to join panels and other things edge on,
or edge to face (you don’t have screws trying to pite into end grain)

that is a really good point, i might pick one up if i ever see one :slight_smile:

woodworking purists hate them, but if you are building any sort of frame, pocket
screws and glue are stronger than anything else you can do quickly (full box
joints are stronger, but a LOT of work)

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I like woodworking, but i’m not from my dad’s generation, he would have hated to see me use all those powertools. He was a sculptor, fancy oldtimey couch legs to make a living, statues in his spare time, i wish i had half his skill, but i just don’t have the patience.
it depends on what you’re making, if you make a whole dining room chamber in oak for a few thousand euros, i feel like you should be able to look under the table and see the guy who made it didn’t take any shortcuts. if you’re making a shoerack or a jig to use in your workshop use any method that saves you time.