Dutch guy questioning if I should buy a maslow.... also an shipping to EU question

Hello there,
first, let me introduce myself.
Dutch guy, working as an engineer in machine building so a lot of steel, that’s getting made exactly how i design it. (Autocad / Solidworks)
at home I like to toy around with wood, made a desk for a friend, a lounge bench for myself to put in my garden.

now wanting to a big project I want to make my own kitchen (and more to come like a built in cabinet, my desk and maybe a fancy sim racing rig (other expensive hobby…) and such)
for my current tools that’s a bit too much so I am looking at buying tools to get that job done, and in my search I thought, why not cnc it? and then i found the Maslow.
now I don’t think that the maslow is the perfect tool to throw sheets on it and let it mill out the kitchen entirely (I think it could but maybe not the most time efficient ) but i think it could make my life easier with the cupboards with adjustable shelves, holes for the hinges, to let the cnc (pre) drill those holes

is the maslow a good option for these things?

Besides that, I am looking at getting a maslow here in the Netherlands, and in particular the metal maslow
I like the design and that I don’t need to fiddle around with a base plate and drilling everything exactly right.
any Europeans got experience with getting it over here in the EU? (or the Netherlands if there are any other dutch guys with a metal maslow)

I am hoping that I am posting this to the right board, and that you guys can help me :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance!


Hoi Martijn,

Ik heb sinds ruim anderhalf jaar een Maslow. De rest zal ik in het engels doen zodat andere ook kunnen reageren.

In english:
I own a Maslow since one and a half year. Happy with it for projects with a large foot-print. For example, I made a picknick-bench for the children. The accuracy increased in the last year or so, mainly due to holey calibration. So for the things you mention, you could use the maslow.
Just make sure that there is enough surface for the sled to move around. If you don’t create some kind of support on the sides of the workpiece, the sled tends to tip.
Personally, I use Maslow for big things and the MPCNC for small things. Mainly because I like to have a closer look at the (smaller project) during cutting, which the sled makes hard/impossible.

Shipping is not problem at all. Received a track&trace ad within a week they deliverd my package. Take into account that you will have to pay duty and VAT at the postoffice.

Kind regards,


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Hi Martijn,

I also live in the Netherlands and bought a Metal Maslow kit without a router. It was shipped to me in about 2 weeks. I went for the MetalMaslow kit because of the Lasercut sled and the Z axis. I bought a Makita router in Europe, because you need a 230V type. Overall I am pleased with it, it works great for the money. Don’t expect a plug and play machine with high end specs. It’s rather slow, and the calibration is difficult. I had to spend quite some time on it to get it reasonably accurate. The holey calibration seems to improve the calibration process but I have not done it yet.
You do have to install a sufficient dust collection system, the kit comes with an aluminium channel but I didn’t use it. I designed a channel which closes off the milling area as much as possible. I connected a vacuum hose to it and used a cyclone and vacuum cleaner to collect the dust in a bucket. I made my first cuts without this system and the sawdust was everywhere, not healthy!

I made some small stuff like stools to get some experience. I will start on my boat project soon I hope, when I find the courage to order the wood and start cutting.



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Thank you Mark and Sintrogers for your answers.

regarding the duty and VAT i already tried to calculate that online, and came around 650 / 700 euro’s depending on shipping from Myus and metalmaslow
I know that it is not a plug and play system, that’s also something I like to tinker with :slight_smile:

I assume you then also bought the makita clamp from metalmaslow as well?
and did you ship it via myus? because that is something that I am not familiar with and since it is quite a bit of money I would like to make sure it will arrive :stuck_out_tongue:

and yeah dust extraction is going to be a must, i have an makita router on 18v accu and i have used it to route some in MDF without extraction… what a mess :stuck_out_tongue: i do use a dust mask though when I do stuff like that, I like my lungs :wink:

and I hope to see some pictures here on the forum from your boat project when you start it :slight_smile:

Well I did buy a clamp, but the wrong one. I did not have a router at the time I ordered the Maslow kit. I selected the 3.5 inch clamp, I thought it would fit a Makita router. It didn’t so I solved it with a clamp from Ali. If you search my name on the forum you can find some pictures of it.

I think they shipped it via UPS, at least UPS delivered it to me in the Netherlands. I had to pay them €25.18.

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And the shipping also went via Myus.com ?

that’s actually the only thing holding me back a bit right now, that a third party is involved in the shipping…

I threw away the box in which the kit was shipped in. Also the paperwork stuck to it. When I check my mailbox the only thing I can trace back is a mail from UPS to pay import fees. So I assume the kit was shipped with UPS.