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Latest Best Frames - October 2019

Just got my kit through, very excited to get started. I looked up the latest on the frames, and the page was updated in June 2018. So I’m wondering if there have been any updates people have made to the frame which they would recommend.

I saw someone had made one from laminated wood. I like this idea. I have a supplier and its very damp where I live, so I would love to limit how much each piece of lumber the frame can warp.

I have pretty good carpentry skills and tool, so not scared of a little hard work. Going for a standard sheet size 4 x 8 (1220x2500mm). I would like to build from wood not metal.

Many thanks for your help

I wall mounted mine, I love the space it saves. I used 2 drafting desk hinges and 5 door hinges to accomplish this. I can pull it out and lay it flat on the wall easily. And I can still park my car in the garage when not in use.


Great idea, I may have to steal that! Have you checked the calibration recently? is there any play after you move it up and down for 6 months?

I’m a newb, but there’s a great setup here someone built with wheels and wood storage on the back. Im thinking of doing the same thing, but may add a circular saw vertical sheet cutter on the back too.

I Haven’t had issues with calibration, i have been using for about a year.
the most i have to do is reset the chain length but that is mostly due to a lost connection during cutting and a couple of power outages when in use.

Since I too will be looking to do this, would you be willing to share some pictures of your build for inspiration?

Here are a few pics of my setup.

That looks like a great idea, thank you, I’m inspired!

What other things are there to consider when making the frame / space. I’m going to need a shop vac. Where / How is the best way to mount the hose? I see yours is coming from the ground, is this better, or just how you had it from day 1?

What else is there to consider? I’ve seen things like Z depth indicators (I’m guessing the deeper the Z depth the more potential problems there could be…)

Many thanks, hope to start building next monday

i would like to upgrade mine to a 12’ w top beam, rather than the current 10’w top beam, i hear it improves accuracy. for the shop vac i just added masking tape to make a snug fit on the stock rigid router dust port. this allows me to easily take off the hose and use the shop vac around the shop when needed. I added a home made dust collection bin (5 gallon bucket) to extend the life of my shop vac filters. For the z axis i am just running the stock rigid router with the “Inexpensive fixes for z-axis”. biggest complaint is it could be faster. i may upgrade to the “meticulous z axis” or my own custom version of it. haven’t fully decided what way to go yet.

Thanks for your reply. All the advise helps.