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Latest Sled drawing available?


As I am waiting for my kit, I am putting together the frame and figured I might as well do the sled too. Is there a latest CAD/STL/SVG drawing of the sled? I have been looking on the forums and I see a few of them. Don’t know which one to use.

Which file should I be using?
Thank you for your time.


Hi there,
I can’t help other then say hello and pushing this question up on the latest list :frowning:
Knowing the folks here, plenty will jump in. Trust me, if it does not exist, it will within the blink of an eye.


You have impeccable timing! I just generated a new file in the last few minutes. I’m cutting it right now so I haven’t even tested it yet, but here are the files anyway.

New (9.3 KB)

The intention is that you would make a rough sled by hand following the instructions here:

And then use that to make the final sled, but if you feel up to the task of building the final one by hand more power to you!

Not that the instructions are in progress and end when it comes to cutting the final sled because I’m just testing it right now :grinning:


a circle cutting jig should let us make the final sled right away.

why make a square one?

attach the router to something (thin plywood or cardboard (if you are careful, a
string works for that matters), put a screw/nail in it it at the right distance
from the bit and pivot around it.

David Lang


Thank you Bar. I have a small CNC that I built a while ago. I should be able to cut this out with that. Then with Maslow, I can build BIGGER STUFF!!!


Not sure if this is where I should bring this up at. I have not received my Maslow yet waiting for the ship to cross the pond to the states (sorry Navy term). But I have been reading a lot of posts and was wondering if anyone ever tried a piece and Teflon under the sled. I tow a 40 foot 5th wheel and I buy these piece of round Teflon that fit over the pin and help make the hitch slid better on the plate. With the Teflon we do not have to use grease. I would try it myself but again I do not have my own Maslow yet…


I haven’t tried Teflon, but I use HDPE in the way you suggest. It works well. UHMW has been suggested as well. Let us know how the Teflon works, and maybe a link to where you get it?


Have a link or more info on where you purchase the teflon piece?


McMaster-Carr sells PTFE (Teflon) sheets, but it’s pricey stuff. I bought small bars of it last year to use on Dobsonian Telescope project, and it works well…


You can get these at a lot of camping stores. but here is a site I get mine when I replace mine.


this is another option that is somewhat more affordable


I just looked at a place I used for other items when I worked and the price wasn’t that bad. Here is it,


Wow… Hey Bar, Does the sled have to be 18"? There must be a reason you you are using that size. Will it still work with say a 12" or 14" sled?


I just went from 17" to 19" and regret it. I’ll go down again.
If you are using the ring kit, you can surly go lower then 18.
You want to provide enough surface for the sled to ride over previous cuts.
12" or 14" sounds to low for me.
The ring plus z-axis-mount plus bricks or other weight should fit.


Why the regret?..


It seems as if the friction has increased drastic. It’s a just gut feeling until proven.
First I’ll check the angle of my frame. Might have just gone up a few degrees.


are you using a straight plywood sled? Or do you have some kind of coating on the bottom? I am planning mine with HDPE and hoping that reduces frsiction


I’m using hardboard, has a waxed feeling. I started with a steep fame, 6°, increased the angle to 10°. Friction was till now not an issue for me. It certainly feels different with the bigger sled.


ok. Yeah, hardboard can create a lot of friction depending on what it is riding on.

What was your reasoning for changing the angle. I have mine at 13 degrees right now, and have not been cutting yet, so not sure how well it will work. Time will tell.


At 6° the sled would turn when the bit when in or out, like wiggle. With the bracket mount, that caused a diversion off the path. Not enough friction and/or pressure on the bit was my guess, I went to 10° and all was good. Depending on the mount system, it’s the sweet spot between gravity and friction that I’m looking for.