Lazy Susan type ring

Just a general thought but has anyone tried or thought of using a lazy Susan type ring instead of the normal rollers? Seems to me that having the extra bearing and the entire ring support being attached to the same frame via one rotating axis instead of the 2 seperate pulley systems would cause less hangup as the sawdust builds up (not that I don’t clean mine to the best of my abilities frequently). But it would be easier to enclose the lazy Susan setup to protect from sawdust and give the Maslow sled a much more constant rotating axis.

two issues

  1. you would need two different rings (one for each chain) as the angle between
    the chains changes

  2. most lazy susan bearings are designed for axial loads, not angular loads, and
    they don’t work that well when pulled sideways

we spent a lot of time looking at them before developing the current ring

either the ring system or the linkage systems are far better than reasonably
priced lazy susan bearings that we could find.

David Lang

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Knew there’s was probably A very good reason! Thanks for the reply!

search for the thread ‘tossing my hat into the ring’ (or something similar) for
the full (almost 1000 posts IIRC) discussion

David Lang