LED Neon Plugs for my next project

Here are a couple more Neon signs I made with the M2 while I am waiting on the M4. I have alot more than this that I am making for this particular show, but I wanted to just show these as they had to be bent on a radius to fit onto the curved wall where they will live.


Super cool!

Thanks for sharing these, it’s great to keep everyone excited for the Maslow4 possibilities.

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What show is this for???

CES Connect - Nashville in June.

Nice… Won’t be at that one. Next for me is NWFA in New Orleans.

I have another one I will be building for Coverings in May, making that one this coming week.

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Nice job! How do you diffuse the LEDs to look like neon?

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Here is the thread detailing, 7' tall led neon guitars, pair of them - #21 by jjseabra
@jjseabra does an amazing job and has inspired me to try it out (on a smaller scale) when I get my M4 tuned in