Left hand Motor Dead

Hi Maslownians,

Sooooooo things were off to a good start, calibrations done and the sled code was underway.


I get the sled error (not keeping up) after some diagnostics I can confirm the following.

The fault does not shift when I change the harness from left to right
The motor makes a noise but nothing moves
I opened the gearbox and everything is fine inside
The motor was new straight out of the box and only lasted long enought to clibrate adn run a few holes in the gcode for making the sled.

I am using 6 kg of weight and plyboard on the temp sled so I wouldn’t think the weight was an issue?

If any other have any suggestions of might have gone wrong, please let me know.

As I live in remote Australia and freight is quite slow, if these failures are regular should I stock my own spares? if so what do you recommend?


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Hmmm good diagnostics to limit the issue to the motor. It sounds like you are correct that is the issue. I haven’t seen a many failures from motors other than the gears wearing out over a much longer time than you are seeing. That it still makes a noise is interesting to me. What does it sound like?

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Welcome to the forum. Sorry you are having trouble. Surely the supplier you purchased from will replace it.

I wonder if something happened to the encoder? Someone just posted about an issue where a part of the encoder came loose and they were able to glue it as a temporary work around.


When I do the encoder test it makes a few brief little electrical noises but nothing moves.
I have tried to contact Makermadecnc through the facebook messenger but not heard back from them yet.


I have a video of the sound, new users cant upload though unfortunately

Dropbox link below

Dropbox video link
Yikes that is a nasty sound!
The Dropbox link doesn’t display here properly unless you insert it as a url (chain links symbol).


Check the encoder. (Under the black cap on the motor there should be a magnetic disk that moves with the motor, if it moves by itself, then it needs to be replaced, or you could try gluing it to the shaft.)

The noise sounds like it it could be an encoder feedback issue.

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It’s a holiday weekend here in the U.S., so @MakerMadeCNC may be out of the office. I at-tagged them so they will see this.

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Shoot us an email at support@makermadecnc.com

We can get the replacement motor in the mail today!


Thanks, everyone! I have sent an email to support@makermadecnc.com

I did check the encoder disc and all looked fine, the glue was still on the end of the shaft intact.

Looks like whatever has gone wrong is inside the motor.

Now to wait patiently for replacement parts.

Thanks Cliff


If you are feeling up for an adventure, and since a replacement is on the way it would be interesting to see what went wrong in the bad one. Maybe we can learn something interesting to let the manufacturer know how to make them better in the future


I have had the exact same issue today. I had the machine running for about 2 weeks total, then started to develop intermittent problems with the motor keeping up (mixed with USB signal dropping during the test so diagnosis was crazy). The problem started about 1 week in and the motor keeping up grew more and more often.

At the same time, a clicking sound appeared ever since I ran a motor to motor distance calibration with the chain linking both motors. Today that motor failed completely. I ran the motor with the gearbox case off and could hear those same click sound… and the cause is a stripped gear.

At this point I’d reeeeeeally like to be able to get my hands on a set of gears for it.

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No problem let me know what you want me to do? I have not yet had an email from makermade to let me know the plan. Living remotely if there is spares you recommend I’m all ears as local purchase options are very limited.

Is your issue motor or gearbox? think we may have the same error but different failure modes. The gears in mine are still fine.

I’m just wrapping up ordering a new batch of gears from the manufacturer and the guys over at Maslow Surplus Parts agreed to sell them if I have them sent there so replacement gears should be back in stock soon!


Definately gearbox for me. 7 of the teeth are almost stripped right back on one of the gears on mine.

Awesome news on the gears, thanks.

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That will sadly not help poor guys in remote areas. I tried when they were still in stock :frowning:


I hear you @gero I will keep that in mind going forwards

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So its been over a week now and no reply from my emails to support@makermade.com, I have had a reply from the messenger contact page saying that I would receive an email soon but that was Sunday and I’m not getting reply’s from messenger messages alerting to the fact that I have not had any official response via email to what the remedy is for my failed motor. I am trying to stay positive but the lack of support is starting to grind on me. Even if they were to respond today and post a replacement realistically I won’t see it land on my doorstep for probably another two weeks.

Are there any other options for the purchase of parts that would get me up and running again? Shouldn’t have to purchase/source my own parts, but the fact that I have had not one email back concerns me and I think sorting it myself might bring a faster outcome.