Let's not use the Arduino IDE?

So working some other stuff I stumbled into xload for Windows. As some of you may or may not know. I’m working on making a Raspberry Pi based cordless controller for the Maslow. I’ve automated the process for downloading updates on it and Windows. Now I’ve found that you can push firmware without going through the IDE on Windows, Mac and Linux. It maybe, or most likely is possible to update the firmware without the Arduino IDE. For a new user it’s pretty intimidating I think.

Information can be found here if we want to move this direction -


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platform.io is the command line environment that is pretty much a substatute for
the Arduino IDE, it includes the ability to push the resulting binaries to

It requires a makefile (and includes) instead of automatically slurping
everything that ends in .ino and finding main() in all the files.

It’s very common for projects to support both.

This issue on GitHub is probably relevant:

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Think you meant this:


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Given the title of this thread is Let’s no use the Arduino IDE the only comment I will make is that people are familiar with it, It is widely used in the maker community and It is not difficult to use and the Maslow CNC project is meant to be simple.

It may be simple for those of us who are seasoned programmers and comfortable with setting up build environments, command lines etc but for new comers I think it would be a turn off.

I am all for better options but think you should still retain use of Arduino at the very minimum then offer some alternatives.

Just my thoughts.

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The title is indeed a bit irritating. The general idea however is interesting.
I guess it goes exactly into the direction of making things simpler from the firmware distribution side. It seems to offer the possibility to push firmware updates to remote devices, rather then having the user do that.

Plenty of room for discussion, as I just checked my Atom https://atom.io and found that the serial number of my Mega shows up there. First thing I’ll do tomorrow is to bother wireshark to find out if that is sent out :slight_smile:

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yes, thanks.

and a few more characters

So I fond out the Arduino it’s self doesn’t report a serial number, what is reported is a identifier related to the USB chip on the Arduino, or in this case “clone”.

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Can GC be used to call the necessary command line routine to update firmware? One stop shop if so.

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I’m going to guess you can’t replace the firmware you are running from. “standing on the rug your trying to pick up.” But call a batch script yes!

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GC is not running on the Arduino and will print Hallo World is that is loaded to the Arduino :wink:
You would need to disconnect the Serial Monitor, yes.

many other projects have done so.

You can, and it is interesting to do so.

But in our case, we don’t have to do that as we have a direct wired connection
to the arduino mega, so we can use the built-in bootloader and it doesn’t matter
what the mega has on it.