Loading M2 firmware to Arduino

So ive read all of the forums over the timeout issue i am having. Checked ports, made sure they arent blocked. Both the windows IDE app and standalone IDE program fail to connect to the arduino…Multiple computers, cant even install blink. Out of desperation, i decided to look at the Arduino IDE online web editor… and i can successfully load blink super easy. So im thinking “hey let me load the firmware folder to the online site, and have it load it for me”… the online editor gives me a ton of errors when i try to upload the file…

So I either have a website that can sucessfully load the firmware on my arduino, but i cant upload the firmware to it, or
I have a program that i can open the firmware, but cant upload on to the arduino.

Anyone have any help they can offer? I cant find any settings on the online editor to doublecheck the offline program. It seems to want to use Arduino_due as the programming port5… which is all i can gather.

Thanks guys.

Ok, So ive now gotten the Windows based Arduino IDE to successfully write “blink” and “bareminimum” successfully.

The correct settings to do this are:
Board: Arduino Due (programming port)
Port: Com3 (Arduino Due (programming port))

Now when i try to upload the maslow file i get the following error

-> candidates: []
Maslow.h:24:20: fatal error: avr/io.h: No such file or directory
#include <avr/io.h>
compilation terminated.
exit status 1
avr/io.h: No such file or directory

Any ideas?

This usually when you try to upload from a ‘zipped’ file. If you extract the firmware first, it should work.
Kind regards, Gero

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Thanks for the advice Gero,

Unfortunately I am working from an unzipped file on my desktop. As it stands, i can either use the Mega2650 board, and get the dreaded “avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer” and cant upload it to my arduino…

or i use the Arduino_Due board, where i an upload, but cant compile correctly.

What Firmware are you uploading? The Maslow firmware will not go on the Due and the Due firmware not an the Mega. Maslow on the Mega should look like this, with all the tabs at the top.

including the maslow.h

Where are my manners… Welcome to the Forum. Did you buy the kit recently and from who? What arduino came with it?

Hi Gero,

Thanks a bunch. Yeah, received the m2 2 days ago, spent yesterday fighting with the Arduino. As you can probably tell im new-ish to the Arduino, but i can usually muttle through it. After guessing and checking the Due processing port was the only way i could actually get simple sketches to write. not sure the issue. Im currently playing with more port/board options.

Ill keep you posted, thanks for the help!


So it’s a Due board for the M2 and the Firmware that came with it will not compile on the Mega. The motorshield will also not be suitable for the Mega. Did you have the motorshield plugged into the Mega???

So I only have the Arduino on my desktop. I only have it plugged into my computer… the shield is off.

When i look at the device manager and plug in the Arduino, it wants to install the Due programming port on COM3, which is fine, since it seems to work.

Could this be a wrong board that was sent to me? Am i trying to force a non-compatible sketch onto a Due? i see no marking on the board (unless its on the bottom side), but the Processor is an Altel ATSAM3X8E-AU.

It looks like the M2 comes with a Due board, which i can compile with Mega, but cant upload over Due Programming port.

I think…

That is a Due. Did the kit come with an USB-drive or an instruction from where to download the firmware?

I don’t have a windows machine at hand, but read here (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoDue) and it looks like you have the settings right, because the blink sketch worked.

Now the question is, what firmware are you uploading and where did you get it from.


Well sir, you may have helped me realize I am a complete moron :slight_smile:

Well, they got me good. I was using the online assembly manual online, and had everything ready to roll, including the software. Didnt realize they stuck a USB dongle in the box with the firmware local on that. Thanks Gero.


Thanks Brad.
Exact same situation here… you saved me an evening getting frustrated. At least now it loaded something to the board.
(I had to install the due because that was not by default with the arduino ide)

The manual on the web refers to websites and firmwares that are not correct for the version received.
(unfortunately not all the required software is on the USB, bit of a muppet show)

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The DUE boards come with the firmware loaded on to them. If you are experiencing issues with your computer connecting to the board, I would think it is a driver issue.

Feel free to reach out directly with any questions.