Linkage kits (enable triangular kinematics)

There are two linkage kits available right now

@pillageTHENburn has a laser-cut wood kit available for $35 at

see Linkage kits are now available! ๐ŸŽ‰ for further details (including assembly instructions)

@dlang has a laser-cut metal kit available for $40 (including $5 for US shipping) pictures and details are at Metal Top Pantograph kit available
to purchase, send the payment via paypal to
There are also kits available to clear routers with fixed handles (up to 12" wide) and can make versions to handle larger routers as well. If you need one specify in the order (for the initial couple, they will be the same price, but when I get the next batch made Iโ€™ll decide if they are costing me more or just make everything be the larger kit)

Both @pillageTHENburn and @dlang are producing more as the supply is used, so there are always going to be kits available (although various things, including holidays can cause delays in getting kits out)


I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s worth adding the possible third option that is still going through testing - the ring (which could be sent with all the new kits). Thanks for the link to both current kits. Iโ€™m holding off getting one until I hear more about the ring option.


When the ring is available, Iโ€™ll edit the top post to add it.

Until then, I think your post is good to call out the fact that there may be
more stuff happening in the future.