SOLD: Complete maslow, router, ring kit, etc for sale in Texas

For sale: original kit, z-axis, triangular linkage, ring kit, Ridgid router.

I bought a 1st generation Maslow because I thought it would enable me to do some woodworking that my disability doesnt allow. And it would, except that the scale of it is just too big for me to deal with. Even half sheets of ply are hard to manage.

So I’m looking to make a break-even sale and buy something smaller. I have:

  • Original Maslow Kickstarter kit unopened in box ($363)
  • Z-axis kit ($60)
  • Laser-cut triangulation kit from RailandOak ($37)
  • Ring kit ($58)
  • Ridgid router R2202 ($175)
    That adds up to [does math] $693 but I’ll take $650 plus shipping.

I’d prefer to sell it all together. I am in Houston, and I’d prefer a local buyer because I trust cash, but I’ll ship it within the USA for cost.


Hi there…I was wondering if you still have complete Ring kit for sale… I was buying the parts of the machine through surplus sales and have everything except ring set that actually wasn’t offered for sale through surplus sale.
I did contact Maslow and Maker representatives but there wasn’t any ring kits for sale separately… We can make arrangements to give you a cash and this is not a spam email. I understand you completely and I would do the same…

I am located in Jacksonville, Florida but have friends in San Antonio Texas that could get in touch with you and pay you in cash…

So for now please let me know if you can sale ring kit only and if is available at all…???

Best regards,

904-878-1986 (Feel free to txt me or call me if you wan’t)

Sorry, I’m not interested in selling it piecewise.

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Linkages are currently the only triangulation option that I know of for sale.
If you’re not interested in waiting to see when and if another ring will be available I ship linkage kits the same or next-day.
There’s some more info pinned at the top of the Swap Meet section. They are available in the Maslow Store or a direct link here.

You can also make your own linkage system! If you have any linkage questions let me know and I’ll do my best to help!


Is this still available? I live down the road in College Station. Feel free to message me on here, email ( or call/txt (972-948-1740)

Thank you,