Lock Lever on R2200 with z-axis

I can send you my design files for a head start. I’d go with maybe the 150mm or 100mm, 200 was a bit long.


Thanks I’ll get to 150. And I would love these design files of which you speak… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t see a 150 in this model. You think the 100 will give enough clearance?

Awesome set up!

Is this the one you are talking about ?

Im currently using the Triangulation Linkage Kit, and my Maslow is enclosed for dust control. I don’t think it will have room for the 200mm model. 100mm is more reasonable.

@Onelonedork do you think you can post some pictures of your set up?

Also, do you guys use the maslow motor or the motor comes with the linear slider?



Yes that is the right one.

These kits come with stepper motors, which the maslow cannot drive.

Okey, I will use the maslow motor to drive this kit then

Just placed the order for a 100mm kit.


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The motor that came with Maslow works. You only need to measure the pitch of the screw and enter that into the settings in GC.

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https://goo.gl/eHpswB Here’s a link to the 150 version. You can probably find it on Banggood as well. Just took me attempting a lot of search terms “Linear Slide Stroke 150mm” seems to do it on Aliexpress. hope that helps!

P.S. 100mm would probably be enough unless you are working with a really long bit.

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Here’s what the 200mm looks like, If you cut it in half you should still be ok.


remember, you are unlikly to have a bit longer than ~3", so anything over ~75mm
is very unlikly to be used.

you do want to have more than 1" (25mm), but something around 2" (50mm) is very

100mm is an extreme amount of travel for a machine like the maslow that has zero
defined as the surface that the sled is resting on. If you were talking about a
machine that suspended the router above the work area on a gantry or other rail
system, you would need a lot more travel.

That is all true, however to take full advantage of the mounting system and keep the router at the center of the z mount you give up the first 30mm of travel. So if you have 100mm you are left with 65 to 75mm of travel depending on the coupler size and how you manage to mount your motor.


That looks very good. can i have the file you used to print the mount?


Maslow Z axis upgrade kit.zip (17.5 KB)
Here are the files in AI, They are set up to be a little loose and 3/4 inch plywood, check spacing and material you are using to make sure this works for you. I’d also say trim up the router mount a bit. As you can see from my photo above, I had to cut some chunks off to make room for the triangular kinematics. I also drilled and installed dowels through most of the tabs as well glued everything. Let me know if you have any questions.

Side note, if anyone wants to add this to the garden, go for it. I haven’t had a chance to figure out how that all works.


What are you guys paying in shipping from banggoods? I noticed they have then on eBay for 69.99 free ship…

I paid $54 for mine with free shipping, however that one looks like it has a nicer ball screw than the one I picked up.

I threw it in my cart and the 100mm was 8 and change to ship.

So is it just a matter of subbing the Maslow motor for the one that comes with this kit from eBay?

I spent the better part of a week trying to figure out a sudden z-axis issue I was having. Then I read a post from someone saying that theirs did the same until they realized their z-cable had come partially unplugged. That’s when I remembered that almost indistinct tug when my foot got wrapped in the z-cable. Sure enough, checked where it plugged into the arduino and one end had raised up ever so slightly. Pressed it down and issue resolved.

However, during all of this I had disassembled & reassembled the z-axis bracket, motors, etc and I came to the realization that that plastic clip on the Ridgid mount is not going to last. It is eventually going to fail. That, plus I really like the idea of the linear ball screw z-axis slide. So getting one of these and installing it is next on my radar. I just didn’t want to buy it then find that I have to get something else. I realize that I’ll have to build the strapping mechanism to hold the router, etc., but if the Maxlow z-motor will work instead of the one that comes with the kit then I’m in business! Thanks for any reply/help!


@Iammistermike Check out the communitygarden. There are new kits & parts on the “Market” tab as well as free designs on the “Maslow” tab. Also lots of other z-axis upgrades in the forums to look at. I placed an order with metalmaslow.com for the $120 upgrade kit.


Specifically available, as a free design that you can print or pay a supplier to print, on the communitygarden and an aluminum one for sale by metalmaslow on their site.

Good stuff happening!

@WoodCutter4 Thank you, sir! I’ll be checking it out!

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