Starting Metal Maslow build - so far, so good

The sled and Z-axis go together quite easily. 30 min. max and that’s with me stopping frequently. I really like the Z-axis design, and the parts fit together tightly. I do have a couple of questions, though @MetalMaslow -
There are 2 holes tapped for each 4 screws that hold the router clamp to the Z-axis. Do you recommend the top or bottom holes?

After mounting the motor, the gear on the motor is higher than the gear on the Z-axis. Will this be a problem?

Lastly, the Z-axis motor mount bracket had 2 t-slot nuts already fastened to the screws in the upper holes of the bracket, but there were also 2 t-slot nuts already permanently mounted in the Z-axis. Did I mess up something by removing the nuts attached to the screws? It was the only way I could think of to mount the bracket.

bottom holes. if you are using an extra long bit, use the top holes

one can adjust the gears with the set screws to be on the same level, or one can move the black L shaped motor bracket down on the c beam

yes, you were right to remove nuts. I originally thought it would be easier to have the nuts on the screws for assembly, but it turns out is is much easier to have them glued in the cbeam.


@Metalmaslow could you show me how to connect this? I found in another thread that this is for Z-Axis zeroing, but I’m unclear how it connects and it isn’t in the assembly instruction. If you have any pictures of how it goes together that would help, too.


Forgot the pictures to let you know what I’m talking about

that is not a touch plate device
it is used to turn the router on at the beginning of cut automatically and turn it off at the end of a cut automatically.
power cord goes into wall socket, router plugs into female power cord end and red/bk/yel wire goes into aux 1 of motor shield
lastly in advanced settings of ground control enable the function.

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Anyone got this relay to work? I did measure the AUX1 with a voltmeter and issued “M3” and “M5” (start / stop spindle) gcode commands. AUX 1 responds properly to the software settings (in WebControl).

They relay didnt respond to any settings and gcode commands. My IOT relay on the other hand workds now. Wrong cabling of the relay maybe?