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Looking for "Alpha" Testers for Web-Based Ground Control


Absolutely…I’ll pm you.


I’ve confirmed today that it runs (without wifi) on

During installation dockerd used up to 136% CPU :astonished: (did not know there is more then 100%), idle 2 python tasks take ~57% and ~28% and running a cut those 2 peak around ~74% and ~42% (again more then 100 :man_shrugging:)
However it’s running…


So that’s a RPi 2B? Cool!


Plugging in a usb wifi gives me a undervoltage warning, but will test other power supplies now.
I have loads of question :slight_smile: . Where should I pile them up?


It was the ‘usb-wifi with amplifier’ causing the warning. A ‘normal’ usb-wifi works out of the box.
Confirmed with i-pad ~2012 and HTC-One-M8.


If it’s “issues” post to GitHub, but questions probably should go on the open beta thread.


Back in the wildly optimistic full hype phase of 3D printing the late Printrbot introduced it’s all in one Printrboard, and we had lenghty bloviations (preserved somewhere in the depths of on integrated vs plug in drivers while waiting for the Kickstarter to start kicking.

History proved that some driver chips would fry and effectively toast the board, selling another board for PB, but it worked better than predicted. Getting the price down to $69 from around $120 (all usd) reduced the pain slightly for those who lost the chip frying lottery.

One recurring issue was micro USB connectors which were only held down by solder and easy to pull loose. USB-A, with their mechanical bond to the PCB faired much better in later boards. I’m again way behind forum reading (those palm trees don’t fertilize themselves, and milky soup pools just don’t appeal to the houseguests; finally getting some use from Doc Berry’s chemistry classes) and don’t recall what this board uses, but the chunky guys are way better


On *nix based systems, 100% cpu = 1 core. The raspberry pi 2B has a quad core 900 mhz cpu, so has up to 400% available. (In short bursts only, if you tried to run all cores at max for any length of time, they would quickly start thermal throttling, due to the lack of a heatsink / cooling)