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Looking for maslow type of motor's and drivers

Hi everyone,

Not sure if i should post here or at the Swap meet section.
I’m looking for the kind of motors and drivers Maslow uses in the Netherlands/Europa.
I need them for an other project ( creating a kinda strong robot) but I would rather not disassemble my Maslow (and also i need more off them).
They don’t need to be as good/strong but the fact that they keep still and calibrated when the power is off is exactly why i can’t use stepper motors and servo’s are way to light.
Any idea if the few on amazon are good?
can I compare them with the maslow ones on speed/strenght?
and what kind of driver would be good?

sorry for the long off-topic post

the maslow ones are 12v 2A with a ~290:1 gearbox on them producing ~66 in-lb
(~75 kg-cm) and have a 7 line encoder on them

there are a lot of similar motors on Amazon, since you aren’t going to be using
the maslow motor controller board, you don’t have to stick with the 2A current
limit which prevents a lot of other motors from being used.

(also, seriously look at going to 24v if you can)

David Lang

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I made a post about this some time ago… I hope this helps.

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