WTB new motors?

Hello all,

We purchased and assembled one of the original Maslow kits about 4 years ago here in New Zealand. Unfortunately it seems that one or both of the motors has now failed. I haven’t investigated the cause, but I expect they are worn out, but I suppose it could be the driver.

Where is the best place to purchase replacement motors? I have done a web search, but some suppliers are no longer listing parts, and there seems to be a few different models to choose from for those that do. I’d like to get motors identical to the originals, but I am happy to use alternatives if they are known to work.

Thanks in advance for any information.

I have original kit never unpacked for sale. It is original w/z-axis, in swap meet forum.


you need the 12v version of this motor (the 24v version may work, I don’t know)

you are looking for ~20 rpm 12v with encoder ~2A power draw

David Lang

Thanks, but Texas is a long way from here.

Thanks. I’ll try to find something.

Where abouts are ya? I’m in Nelson and have a working setup. You could bring one of your motors over (or send it to me along with a return courier bag) and I could test it to confirm if it’s working or n

We’re near Christchurch. Thanks.

I haven’t investigated the problem at all yet, so I should probably do some basic tests before I can determine what’s what. But I’ll pm you anyway.

How about these?

those will work.

David Lang