Looseness/play in z-axis

Good Morning guys.

We are having issues with our z-axis.

Depths keep changing from job to job, and we have some looseness and play in the z-axis which we think is having an effect on it.

Does anyone else have this problem with the RIGID?

Yes, others have had problems. Some have used a bungee over the router to hold it down against the play. Some have also modified the little clip between the z-axis lead screw and the motor body to keep it from slipping.

Check out Z-axis pops out on Rigid




if you want really good z axis control I think spending the extra $$$ on a c beam one is best way to go. A lot of people just need to cut 100% through plywood so the default one is “good enough”

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One needs to carefully inspect, grind, and polish all the surfaces of the router motor case and the inside of the housing that holds it. Pay close attention to the slot on the housing that the registration pin on the motor housing slides through. I needed to file that area to gain more smooth movement. Carefully adjust the motor lock to “almost no play”. Adding the bungee or rubber bands to create an “always on” downward force on the motor against the “screw gear and lock” mechanism will get rid of pretty much all of the slop. Add a silicone lubricant to all moving parts and metal-to-metal surfaces, and check all these things before starting each job. With all of the above, I have had pretty reliable and repeatable service from the stock Z axis.