Need to purchase

I just constructed my Maslow. Working well. However, I’ve lost:

  1. Z axis motor cable
  2. sprocket used in chain tensioning

Does anyone know how I can purchase these parts?

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How do you lose a motor cable? Sprockets I understand, they go fast :-).
Contact @hannah is my suggestion. She and @bar are very helpful from my experience.
The other friends here will post some links to same or similar part sources ;-).

yeah…the cable is a mystery. Just plain misplaced. The sprocket launched off the stretchy string about 4 times while I was trying to make it work. The 4th time it launched it went MIA in the shop somewhere. I went from stretchy stuff to counter weights after that and all is good, but the sprocket will be helpful in the new counterweight setup.

Swamp Rats! One of my idler sprockets did the same, but mysteriously showed up several days later in an area I’d searched numerous times. The swamp rats must have gotten tired of playing with it. I’d already ordered replacements (off eBay), of course. Maybe yours will show up too.

In the meanwhile do you have one of those magnets with a loop for a rope on them, so you can drag the corners and dark places in your shop?


Shoot an email to and we’ll get you taken care of :grinning: