Lucie's Retro Sign

Hey all,

this one has a bit of a story behind it:
My colleague Lucie moved to a different office within the same floor, but as they all look alike it could happen that she’d walk into the wrong room in the morning - mine for example.
As a bit of a practical joke, my colleague and I tried to be helpful and started hanging up printed signs for her.
This was soon topped with a blinking red LED bike taillight to bring the message home.
Now I’m a strong believer in “What’s worth doing is worth overdoing” so I decided to build her an even more out-of-place illuminated retro hand-sign:

Used the Maslow CNC to cut the back panel, center panel and front frame, then wrapped it in 0.04in steel.
I started with vinyl letters but didn’t really like their style and the overall flatness:

So I laser-cut another set - way better!

Lights on! :smiley:


What an awesome sign! That is really cool. Yet another project to show my wife why I need the Maslow set up hahahah.


Thank you!
I hope it’ll help to get you there. :grin:

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