Couple of things I’ve been working on

Hello, I received my Maslow this last spring but it has taken me a while to get things up and running. Here are a couple signs I made for my wedding.

More signs and other projects to come.


Wow, can we get some closer up shots with just the sign. These look great!


Great work!

Can you tell me the workflow you are using? What are you creating your signs with? How do you create your tool paths?

Thank you

I don’t know exactly what you mean by work flow.

For the cards signs, as an example. I used MS word to type out the font and letters I wanted, then used a snipping, screen shot tool to create a .jpg. From there I used Inkscape to bitmap it in to an SVG and loaded that into makerCAM. Used maker cam to create a rectangle with rounded corners. Same process went for the other signs, when needed I used Onshape to build other parts.

I think I imported the image of the mountains for the ski sign and just traced the outline, then connected it to the borders to make the outline, then used the same process above to make the letter and combined them in MakerCAM.

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Here are up close photos.


Impressive! You use an 1/8" bit? Is that plywood or solid wood? Just out of curiosity, why is the happily ever after sign split? Also, my eyes are playing tricks on the cards sign. Are those raised letters or engraved? These look so great.

Happily ever after, this was made using 1/2 MDF. I split the sign so it would be easier to transport, also because, as with others, my machine looses a lot of accuracy outside of about 6 ft. The last foot on the far left or right. To combat that I put a center rest and just move the board so the left of the board is in the middle of the machine. It means I can only cut things 5 ft wide but I can still use up att the board. I don’t remember if I used a 1/2 or 1/8 for that project. The letters are cut into the board probably 0.1.

Ski sign, also 3/4 MDF, 1/8inch bit 0.1 deep. That would be for everything that’s white.

For the cards sign, also 3/4 MDF, 1/8inch but but I used a outside profile operation so there is a valley around and inside the letters, the the letters themselves are at surface height(0.0).

Heaven sign, 3/4 plywood, 1/8th bit, same technique as above.

What yu wrote after “I don’t know exactly what you mean by work flow.” is exactly your work flow & good job too.

Thank you

What software are you using? Total noob dying to learn! Thanks for any help in advance

I’ve used onshape, Inkscape, libracad, makercam and groundcontrol.

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This is amazing ! Great work! I was also going to ask what bit you decided to use to carve the numbers, because that’s always an interesting topic. I would recommend trying out a 60 degree v bit in some future projects with fonts! Should make the numbers and letters a little more crisp, but it looks like you’ve made them large enough that a straight bit works well! Nice!

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