M1-to-M4 Migration (Parts Re-use)

I am an original Maslow user switching to M4 (Not received yet).

Currently, my high-level checklist includes:

  • I will need to adapt my frame to add bottom corner belt attachment points.
  • I assume the belts in the M4 kit are NOT long long enough for my 12’x6’ bed?
  • Currently running a Rigid R22002 - looks like i need to order a Dewalt 611 - Is this right?
  • … other thoughts?

Has anyone else already listed what they found re-usable?

I honestly can’t give you a definite answer, but what I understand is that the max the M4 can reach is about 11x11. I think I read that the belts are about 14 ft long and you can deduct 1/2 of the diameter of the sled.

So, it seems like you can reuse the frame you have with a few modifications. I think the vacuum system you are using would still work. Depending on what computer you were using before, that will probably still work for the new M4 as well.

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12x6 is the distance between the anchor points? That should work great :grinning: @Dieseltim is exactly correct.

Unfortunately the R22002 is too big for the Maslow4. When we relied on gravity the extra weight was a bonus, but now that we don’t need gravity anymore the lighter smaller router is better.