Maslow 4 Assembled, Now What?

I got my M4 assembled yesterday, still working out how to attach the belts to my “frame” which is a 5x10 utility trailer, I hope to be calibrated and cutting next weekend.

I’m completely new to CNC, but do have experience generating models in FreeCAD for 3D printing, so I plan to use FreeCAD to generate g-code for the M4. But before I get into that, I’d like to make sure that it actually works as expected.

Most, if not all, of the 3D printers I’ve purchased have included a test print file, is there something similar for the M4? Just something simple like cut a 4" square .125" deep would be fine, just so I know the machine works. Then if my g-code doesn’t, I know it’s my fault…

I know there are g-code files available in the Community Garden, but they are generally more complicated that a simple “hello world” file needs to be.

I did a dry cut with this to test after calibration. Meaning no router bit and turned off.

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Here’s the logo I did: My First Cut...Another Maslow Logo


Thanks @smarcus3 and @deanhuff for the suggestion, that will indeed be my first dry run and likely first cut.

Made more progress this evening, built the attachment points to go on the trailer/frame, planning to pick up a 4x8 sheet of Styrofoam tomorrow and plan to run calibration soon.

I noticed that my UI doesn’t match some of the screenshots I’ve seen on the forum, so I downloaded the latest maslow.yaml and index.html.gz, and now I have the option to define the frame in the GUI rather than updating the maslow.yaml file.

Looking forward to seeing my Maslow 4 move…


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Definitely make sure to update to the latest firmware when you calibrate. The older versions don’t work for me. The latest does.

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