M2 Laser Output

I just wired up a J-Tech laser as described in the docs, but there is one huge problem. After tying 12V to LSR thru 1K ohm resistor and applying power there is 12V on the LSR output which will of course fire the laser. According to J-Tech, their driver requires <2.8V to turn off the laser.

Why is the LSR output not pulled down on power up? I can’t have the laser being turned on by default, it should be off!

Which laser do you have? I read one of the 14W manuals real quick and it stated 5V switching with the threshold voltage of less than 2.3 V for the off condition and 5 V for the on condition. I didn’t read them all, so I’m curious about the 12V. Most of those devices can be run with the arduino GRBL controller that Jtech sells, so it should switch in and off with 5V logic, and is likely powered by the 12V.
Is a pull-down resistor needed to ground it for the idle state?

Found the problem, an invert jumper is inside the J-Tech enclosure which you have to disassemble to gain access. Laser is working now, just need to fix my calibration woes.