M4 Assembly instruction - comments

Hi ! I’m still building my M4 . Just finishing assembling the arms.

Assembling the arms — Maslow (maslowcnc.com)

In the step "press halves together( that’s seems to be the most tricky )…

In the current instructions, the assembly process seems easier when the belts are placed on the opposite side of the arms. Everything appears to be functioning well, but I would like to confirm if this is an improvement to the existing guide or if I have assembled it incorrectly.

My assembly :

Then, juste place the motor mounted parts on the top, snap and bolt :slight_smile:

Thanks. Jonathan

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Main assembly feedback thread.

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how can i move this ?

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Wasn’t calling you out, just signposting

Jonathan, I am in process of reassembly and came to same conclusion. I was just about to post similar when I came across yours.