Machine not able to be calibrated, Run Triangular Test Cut Pattern

Hi all, I just upgrade the top railing from 10 to 12 FT
I’m trying to run the calibration but been getting this error and I’m really stuck!!
And the worst is that I have a project that is due by Friday.

here is some of the measurements.
Using GC 1.25 (try with 1.26 also, same problem and for the life of me I can not load/install Holey Triangular calibration, but that is for another topic)
Distance Between motors : 3622
Motor offset Height : 581
Rotation Radios: 140
Default work area : 2438.4 by 1219.2
Top Fed

Thank you in advance.

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Go through all the parameters in Maslow Settings and Advanced Settings. Change them, and then change them back to their original value.

Thank you I will try and will report back!!

Any other suggestions? it did not work, because the motor distance is much greater, the center of the work peace was almost 3 feet from bottom.
Not sure on what to do…
Does any one have this problem when using a loger top rail?

Thank you

did you double the amount of chain to be fedout (default 1651mm)?

at the end, when it finishes, what does it say it’s position is? does it say 0,0
or does it say that Y is high? If it does say Y is high, does it move to the
center when you hit home?

David Lang

Hi David,

Yes I did.

Ok, It does not let me finished the calibration, and give me that msg, the only way is to continue is to hit Skip or Quit.
If you click Quit you get the Notification: “Notice: Exiting the calibration Process early my result in incorrect calibration.”
If you Skip, you go to the next screen with the current value and the " Looks Good!" button …

Thank you
Gustavo Pagnozzi

2032 is a sufficient value for feeding the chain for a 12 ft top beam.
That it’s an integer of 6.35mm (chain link distance) helps to have a tooth at 12 o’clock after feeding out the chain. This way to can mark the link that is at 12 after feed-out and speed up the recovery if the position is lost.
If i remember correctly, i also had to change the overall chain-length in the advanced settings.
I have it currently at 3614 (40 links added to the standard chain).
Kindly upload your groundcontrol.ini
Hope that helps.

I don’t think this works for machines that have a calibrated chain-tolerance. If the chain-tolerance is nonzero, I am pretty sure the sprocket wouldn’t rotate to vertical. Has anyone tested this?

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Did you have a chance to try again? If you are still having problems, you might need to wipe everything and start fresh, disconnect arduino usb and power then plug in again and start over. I think you have calibrated before but it’s still a good idea to follow the “How to: Get Calibrated Wiki”.

I’m so sorry I didn’t reply, I had a family emergency overseas and had to fly to Brazil.
And Yes figure it out, just use the back button and it worked. Got the calibration completed and it is cutting really nice and with a acceptable tolerance.
I will try anther calibration once this project is done and I will try the holey calibration again… and for the life of me I can’t get the holey calibration GC to load… but as I said that is problem is for another thread…
Thank you all