Machine zero - drifting

Hoely Calibration - Done
Small pieces - done

Large piece - disaster.

Running the attached test file. On Lap2 the head is up and right by 35mm. If I ask the machine to “check sprokets” the left motor is vertical and the marked link there. The right motor is not vertical and the chain about 60mm shorter than the marked link. If I use “set sprokets” to rotate the motor, then the marked link is in the correct place vertically.

So I made a test file.
Description: Test file drills 2 holes at 50mm spacing, then moves 1m and drills 2 more. Moves down, drills a hole, moves right, drills a hole. Then repeat twice more. Same holes, same places.

Result :

  • close holes are horizontal and correct spacing
  • on each long right motion the cuts rise by 15mm and move right by about 15mm the same
  • By the second lap the holes do not overlap
  • If I “return to home”. The cutter head is 35mm right and 35mm up from the past home point (drilled, but the test nc code below)

(Correct result would be 2 holes, 25mm apart, driled twice in same place) (662 Bytes)

Swapped out the right motor (Thanks EastBaySource for the spare).

Now everything works.