Makercam keeps failing

Has anyone had an issue with Makercam stop responding at the end of the project? This has happened to me multiple times and on different computers, I just cant figure out why. Also the program has been lagging and takes about 15 - 20 seconds to resond to any actions preformed. my internet is exelent and adobe flash is up to date. the program just stops responding multiple times before finaly stopping and then my work piece clears and it shows just a gray caution symble.

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I have experienced similar things. Try not to give up so that you don’t lose all of your work. For some reason I have recovered it before just because I didn’t give up and close out. It has been in question whether or not makercam continues in the future. I wonder if this has something to do with it.
@bar has been working on something that seems to replace it but I am not sure of his progress. Bar?

At any rate be patient and don’t give up! :grin:

I haven’t made any changes to makercam (in fact I actually don’t run it so I can’t make any changes :wink:), but I have seen it behave in a glitchy way in the past.

A couple of tips I can think of are to keep in mind that it’s not the most advanced CAM program out there so if you have a very complex design you might just need to use something different. I would also recommend using the file → export svg option to save your progress every now and then. The svg file produced will include your tool paths so you don’t have to re-place them if something goes wrong. The only thing not saved that way are your tabs.


uuh good tip. I had no idea.

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