Maker cam issue

when i open makercam i only get half the screen other half has a line across sceen and says about this anyone know whats going on
Does this one work?

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yes thanks

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That’s really cool that you have a link that works, but how long do we think it could be until the namesake works as it should? I know we can book mark the working site, but this is frustrating for a newbie like myself.

Be aware it is based on “Flash”. Flash is set to go dark.

Steve Jobs killed flash -

And he was right. Find a new solution as support for flash is already deeply degraded.

I could be wrong but Makercam as it is needs a port to a new language or technology to have much of a future.

My 2 Cents.

Thank you

I don’t think is ever going to work properly, The site that I created is the most recent fork of makercam available from github. As bee said, flash is dying, so there is no more development of makercam, and thus you cannot expect the original site to ever be updated.

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That’s good to know, thank you for taking the time to respond to this newby.

From the developer’s new company try Carbide Create. You’ll need to override the automatic speed settings every time but it’s working well for me on a different CNC router

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is there a solution to the maker cam not working yet. apparently, as stated above, flash is dead.
any other sites ?

Kiri:moto, Easel, Carbide Create, krabzcam (spelling?) and others.

Makercam has had it’s time and has gone to a well deserved retirement drinking Mai Tai’s and watching bikini clad young apps on an unreported tropical beach. It’s publicist asks you to respect it’s privacy during the golden years. It’s reportedly hanging out with Generic CAD and down the beach from DOS 1.0


thats hilarious bro, what do you use as an alternative to ?

Kiri:moto as I type this, trying to make a moose bas relief on a 3018. Carbide Create for regular stuff, estlcam (from Metalmaslow) for v carve and 3D (kiri was for an example in another forum). Gearotic and other strange things on occasion.

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Anyone else having issues with radius cuts using maker cam? I worked around the problem by breaking P-lines into segments but prefer to use the radius gcodes instead. In my opinion the native Gcode for radius cuts results in better looking curves.

Fyi, Arduino firmware on the mega pre 29 (1.29 or 51.29) does not support radius commands (g2 or g3 with R).

Is the 51.29 firmware ready for prime time? If I flash it will I need to re-calibrate the machine?

no, not prime time until tested. So far only two have tried it and I was one of them. Generally speaking if you flash the firmware, you will need to recalibrate, but not always. Definitely in this case because the eeprom storage area has a few values added and so it will overwrite them.