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Makercam is down?

Makercam appears to be expired right now.

Very weird. I had my own version hosted at and that seems to be down too which is strange since it is a stand alone flash application. What browser are you using? I’m on Chrome

that probably means that they are referencing some other resource on the
Internet that is down (some library or something like that)

David Lang

I checked on safari, firefox, opera and chrome.
I hope it will be up soon. Thanks for your replies

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Oops, someone forgot to renew.

I poked around a bit and suspect that Adobe changed some URL

the meat of the page seems to be:

 			<div id="pageWrapper" class="hfeed" role="main">
 				<section id="page" 
 					<div class="sqs-layout sqs-grid-12 
columns-12" data-type="page" data-updated-on="1512069310305" 
id="page-5a20532bec212d686c8d9bf0"><div class="row sqs-row"><div class="col 
sqs-col-12 span-12"><div class="sqs-block code-block sqs-block-code" 
data-block-type="23" id="block-yui_3_17_2_4_1512067793614_4448"><div 
WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="240" id="" ALIGN="">
<PARAM NAME="movie" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="quality" VALUE="high">
<PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="#333399">
<EMBED src="" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" 
WIDTH="900" HEIGHT="700" NAME="" ALIGN="" 
 			</div><!-- / pageWrapper --> and,0,0,0
seem to work as I would expect (downloading stuff)

but is a human readable page, not
what I would expect to be an auto-download page

other folks may want to see if they can fetch the first two URLs

David Lang

that wouldn’t take down the maslow copy.

David Lang

The original source is here:

I agree to disagree :slight_smile:
If you’d like a local version with the 16 digits fixed in metric GitHub - shapeoko/makercam: flash based cross-platform CAM package. For 2.5D CAM operations

FYI: I had a 1 buffer overflow with truncation turned off and a posted here recently with all this digits. The user problem was solved and I failed to replicate, so I forgot until now but had the urge to mention it somewhere.

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Thank you

Sorry @bar, I missed this one. :pray:

Umm well this isn’t good. I haven’t even got it in the mail yet, and the software that I want to use is no longer available…

Just tried it 5:40 mtn - worked for me, but i just created a simple square and circle with drill, pocket, profile and tabs

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This is also a local version you could try. Extract the two files to the same folder and then run the makercam.html. I haven’t extensively tested it but it looks like it works fine. (180.8 KB)


I put this up for the time being:

I will leave it up until is back or I’m asked to remove it by legal means.


Thank you


sorry about that, didn’t know anyone was still using it on that domain

rehosted on


**Original post - removed **

I was wrong -

@Jack_Qiao sorry for doubting you.

Thank you

I believe it’s kam instead of cam because it stands for kick ass machining and is what makercam was based on if I read correctly. But anyway the link loads fine for me.


Did you have to load anything to see the page?

Here is what I see:

I’m suspicious of anything requiring me to click an upgrade I don’t need for the original site.

Thank you

Nope just had to allow flash just like makercam.

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