Makermade CNC M2 - router EU version, Bosch BOSCH GKF600 600W ¼" ELECTRIC PALM ROUTER 240V (68002) Suitable?

Hey! Just received my M2 and my DeWalt router is slightly too small, I have seen this one available and I am wondering does anyone know if it is suitable? I am finding it difficult to find the exact alternative to the suggested US routers on the Makermade site?

Any help would be much appreciated!



you can wrap aluminum foil tape around your dewalt or 3d print a spacer to make it fit perhaps?

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I was going to try tape, do you think it would be stable enough? I would like to get cutting today so a perfect spacer may not be available but happy to try and rig something! Alternatively I could just try and go get the right router but dont want to be left with the same issue with it :slight_smile:

a thin piece of sheet metal will work fine too. aluminum tape doesnt’ compress as much as paper tape and I have used it before. I wonder why your dewalt does not fit? the USA and European versions should be the same diameter.

I cant find them listed as 611, Mine is a DWE6005 and i think the version i need is the D26204K-LX

yes you have the plastic version, they recommend the metal one probabaly more durable

my router was also slightly too small, what i done was cut 20mm from the end of the foam and stuck that on the router clamp piece, then i drilled and tapped the holes on the sides further so i could put screws through them