Solved problem with Makita router ring in M2 maslow z-axis

Until Makita 700c is recomended the ring is a few milimeters wider (above 70mm)
Makita is 64,88 mm diameter
So there’s a easy way to solve it I find
Take a 75mm waste PVC pipe (every company makes it different thick)

and cut a slice, it will probably as it happens to me makes the ring a little bit narrow and the Makita doesn’t fit

Just sand it with a dremel or something like this. It fits perpectly


just buy the correct clamp here:
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yes i know but i don’t have a 3d printer and the company that sells this pieces cost me 15 days shipment

it cost me 3€ and 20 min.

true, any 3mm strip of plastic could be used inside a 71mm clamp to reduce diameter down to 65mm.

My solution for my 65mm off-brand router was an old bicycle tube cut and tightly wrapped a couple layers around the barrel, and super-glued the 2nd layer so it would hold firmly (don’t glue rubber to router unless don’t plan on using it for anything else), and clamped tightly into the provided M2 bracket and is doing the job for now until I find a more suitable router. There is very minimal, if any play in the router, in fact when I try to wiggle the router I discovered more play in the actual z axis mount than the router itself. It’s not perfect, but a temporary solution if you just want to get up and running while waiting on your other parts.