Makerverse: 2 due controllers error interference

so I made this video and there is no sound. I have one due on ttyACM1 and one on ttyACM0. The ACM1 actually has motors and ACM0 is just a controller. ACM0 is confused and says it can’t find itself. Whenever ACM0 sends its error message, the other system alarms and its Y axis value changes.

I made a video, but had no sound. It shows the alarm condition and the Y axis change and then I press home and it starts running up the board to the top. I stop it and then walk it back down to the zero point. After this interference, rehoming the system sets the Y axis to -93. I tried the home machine command and it isn’t supported. I put in an issue on the github page.

edit let’s keep this on Github to make it easier for others: